Pigment on foil,  450x310x160 cm, 2018

Exhibition View: Goethe Institut Paris


Pigment on foil, projection,  200x200x100 cm, 2018

Watercolor on paper, projection, sound, 450x280x350 cm, 2016

Central elements of the installation are nature, time and harmony. Nature has been symbolized by a band of seemingly suspended paper in a wave movement which reminds the audience of a flow of water. The painting on the paper merges with the shapes and colour of the video projection. Both nature and time are represented in the projection, within which a sprout of cosmos is gradually blooming into the shape of a flower. Harmony arises like a grand orchestra, despite all the spontaneous and random movements made by the elements in the projection. The work was made during a stay in Japan sponsored by a DAAD scholarship.

Videoprojection, watercolor on paper, ca 300x700x450cm, 2016

Two bands of paper hang freely in the room. The suspended forms resemble the painted forms on the paper, which are reminiscent of a folded, winding band. The projection displays the painting both digitized and animated upon an actual unfolding band. The forms in analog and digital painting are superimposed.


Pigment on foil, projection,  280x450x550 cm, 2018


Watercolor, projection on paper, 270x180x380cm, 2017

The painting shows a wave-like structure, which moves from a center line towards the edge of the paper. The video projection, which is superimposed on the painting, shows the painted structures in motion. A vibration has been generated by a digital animation, which on one hand, is two-dimensionally similar to the paper oscillation. On the other hand, however, it is altered by the distortion caused by the projection surface, due to a directional oscillation of the suspended paper into a three-dimensional view. The sound of the work takes up such oscillation motion of the projection and synchronizes itself analogously through the use of graphically adapted sound waves. Each vibration has its own movement, but is influenced and expanded by the other vibrations present. The result is an organism which follows an almost vibrant rhythm due to its slowing and dipping of oscillation.

Watercolor on paper, videoprojection , 250x470x120 cm, 2016

The painted forms, which can be seen on three paper sheets that are suspended in space, display the animated video projection. The forms follow a kind of a choreography reminiscent of a ballet dance. Five acts that are based on classical drama can be seen. At the end, the forms return to their original position and superimpose themselves exactly back upon their similarly painted analog shapes.


Videoprojection,  200x 520 cm, 2016

The work was designed specifically for the premises of the Paradise Air Residency program. Through the use of mirrors anchored in the room and other mirrored surfaces, synchronous duplications of the projection appear, which resembles a kaleidoscope. The video projection shows animated painted surfaces. There is a melody to be heard, which announces closing time in a gambling hall within the ground floor of the building. The shapes and colors of the projection, as well as this melody, refer to the past and present of the the building itself, which is closely linked to the red light district and gambling.